The Game of Moquet is a theater performance in public space, a DIY sports-performance dependent on where one is in the world and what lies in their surroundings. And Moquet is a shared game - anyone can do their version of Moquet.

at the Zürcher Theaterspektakel we do Moquet six times participatory at the Landiwiese:

 ︎ 30.08., 18:00-19:00
 ︎ 30.08., 19:30-20:30
 ︎ 31.08., 18:00-19:00
 ︎ 31.08., 19:30-20:30
 ︎ 01.09., 18:00-19:00
 ︎ 01.09., 19:30-20:30

in each slot two people can join us! you get a short tutorial and then play with us a game of Moquet.starting point: at the Info desk. 

sign up via eMail:

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The MOQUET manifesto:

    ︎do Moquet in public space.
    ︎do Moquet nomadic.
    ︎do Moquet reused.

The game is simple (and somewhat pedantic). Here you can download the Moquet handbook︎︎︎ to do your own Moquet. Enjoy.

is a moving installation. is a donkey that is brought to the city. is something that rolls or flows. is something that orchestrates a city
is not part of the market. is not a commodity. is free of charge. is alluvial wood from a river. is nomadic. is playful. is a non-binary meeting in the playground. is a senseless occupation. is an action to make public space public. is a pleasure
is not efficient. is for the future, but also for now
is symbiotic. is the sharing of experience. is for all and is not property. is not official
is officially what it is.

August 2023, Zürich (CH)
July 2023, Salzburg (AT)
July 2022, Klagenfurt (AT)
July 2022, Villach (AT)

Concept: Tejus Menon, Stefan Ebner
Creation & Performance: Germaine Sollberger, Deborah Lara Schaefer, Tejus Menon, Loïc Reichenbach, Killian Chyba, Stefan Ebner
Production assistance/documentation: Dan Gassinger
Production assistance/graphics: Em Liaunig

Production: (Ebner and Flood composts:) Material for the next Shift
Funded by: BMKOeS, Province of Carinthia, City of Villach